Christina Price Washington.                                                     


Light in Purse                     Artist Statement

I have been documenting my comings and goings from 2012 until 2018 by placing light sensitive photo paper in my purse for the duration of one day. The movements cause the paper in the bag to bend and fold, creating objects that physically trace and record the day’s random activities.

With the series Light in Purse I explore the ways that photography can (re) present a physical (and indexical) relationship to its own medium and space.The series is the result of photo paper placed in my purse (messenger bag) for the duration of one day. Besides possible light exposures, paper in my bag is subject to be bend and folded, a non-removable index that aligns itself with the physical index of light capture utilizing silver halide crystals. While the Paper size 8” x 10” fits easy into my bag, bigger paper sizes have to be folded, rolled or crumpled to fit. What Light in Purse ultimately represents is ‘a way of seeing’, accompanied through our technology. How do we see, or ‘what do you look at’ and how communication can take place may be the bottom of today’s contemporary photography’s aptitude.

Other works incorporate all conditions of the photographic medium, and it’s focus teases out photography as picture making and photography object making.